Blue Team

Advanced Cyber Security company use advanced Next-gen Cyber Surveillance System ARMADA for detection and protection from every type of cyber attacks.

ARMADA is the core component for building Security Operation Centers (SOC) for corporations and financial institutions, military and government organizations and critical infrastructure elements (including Industrial IoT and smart grids).

ARMADA is advanced software tool for processing security data intended for collecting and processing data about cyber security, made on proven principles of security incidents and events management (Security Information and Event Management, SIEM).

Outside informations about ongoing live attacks and inside information about people and devices inside client’s network are correlated in real time, with reaction time less than 3 miliseconds.

Known types of attacks are recognised by correlation rules, while latest, still uknown attack types are blocked based on real time cyber threat intelligence system.

ARMADA turn static log files into interactive 2D/3D videos and is able to visually track user activities and detect attacks that cannot be discovered by antivirus programs, break-in detectors and new generation firewall services.

Based on many years of experience of our team members, over 1000 correlation rules implemented have already been predefined and there is also the possibility to define special correlation rules, custom made based on the client’s needs.