Red Team is doing an intentional attack designed for measuring how secure is an organization’s network, applications, assets etc., against a real-world attack.

A Red Team assessment will expose technological and physical vulnerabilities. During the assessment, the Red Team will initiate offensive scenarios to expose potential weaknesses in your products, network and employees.

Red Team engagement will attempt to breach and explore weakness on all levels and assets of your organization. Unlike a traditional PT (Penetration Test), which will mainly focus on the application tested, engagement of Red Team could require costume building tools, emails for phishing, cyber weapons, malicious payloads, exploit research, hardware trojans, creating avatars, and go as far as dumpster diving to retrieve intelligence about the organization and infiltrate in its environments.

At the end of the Assessment the organization will be handed a report mentioning all breaches, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses found. The report will also include remediation suggestions and recommendations so that all gaps are closed immediately.