About Us

If you don’t know how to attack,
then you don’t know how to defend.

Advanced Cyber Security is a company assembled in 2020 by experts with longstanding international experience in the field of Cyber Security.

Founded by ex-government and private security experts. We offer years of experience practicing offensive and defensive Cyber Security within military, governmental & private sectors occupying key positions. Members of our team recognize the vulnerabilities of your system, knowing exactly how someone might use them and turning them into secure and safe environment resistant to any attack, malware or harmful event.

We use SOC (Security Operations Center) as an external IT security center, which uses advanced tools, as well as the platform Cyber ​​Surveillance System ARMADA, which is our creation and masterpiece of Next Generation SIEM products and has plenty of unique functions.  It provides protection 24/7, advanced analytics and forensics in realtime to every user, unrelated to IT system complexity, activity or attack exposure.

Our target is to bring resilience to our client’s environments facing the ever-increasing need for security. We have decided to change the approach. Not only dealing with an existing problem / incident but also proactively treating & understanding threats and potential weaknesses before an incident accrues.